Module 1: Getting Started

Module 2: Leadership, Vision and Organizational Culture

Module 3: Collaborative Structure and Joint Ownership

Module 4: Data-Driven Understanding of Local Reentry

Module 5: Targeted Intervention Strategies

Module 6: Screening and Assessment

Module 7: Transition Plan Development

Module 8: Targeted Transition Interventions

Module 9: Self-Evaluation and Sustainability

Section 1: Leadership 101

According to Warren Bennis, a leading theorist of the principles of effectual leadership, “Leaders are people who do the right thing; managers are people who do things right.”1

Most of us know a leader when we see one, but often have a difficult time defining the specific characteristics of leadership. In this section, you will learn the fundamentals of leadership.

Let’s begin with a quick exercise:

Think of someone who you believe is great leader. What are the characteristics that individual has? Now think of someone who is a manager, but not a leader. Do the characteristics and personality traits differ between the two?

Bennis has spent years interviewing leaders and outlines four common characteristics of effective leadership. See how closely your ideas of leadership match up with Bennis’s.

What Makes a Leader?

Leadership is also about empowering others. The organizational development research is clear that a control-oriented, autocratic style of management decreases job effectiveness. An effective leader understands that each person needs to believe that he or she can make an important contribution to the organization. Empowering others also expands the capacity that a leader has to accomplish things.

Bennis notes these characteristics of situations in which people are empowered:4

Click here for a TJC Leadership Profile on Lisa M. Calderón, Director of the Community Reentry Project in Denver, Colorado.

For more information

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