Module 1: Getting Started

Module 2: Leadership, Vision and Organizational Culture

Module 3: Collaborative Structure and Joint Ownership

Module 4: Data-Driven Understanding of Local Reentry

Module 5: Targeted Intervention Strategies

Module 6: Screening and Assessmentessment

Module 7: Transition Plan Development

Module 8: Targeted Transition Interventions

Module 9: Self-Evaluation and Sustainability

Module 8: Targeted Transition Interventions

Welcome to Targeted Transition Interventions. This module concentrates on the development and implementation of appropriate jail transitional strategies and follow-up services in the community.

Your jurisdiction’s targeted interventions may range from comprehensive programs that transition the individual from the jail to the community, to resource packets and referrals to community-based providers.

Some interventions will occur in jail, while others will take place in the community after release. Ideally, many interventions will be available both in and outside the jail facility—beginning in jail and continuing with a community-based provider after the individual’s release, facilitating greater continuity of service delivery.

"Responding to the reentry needs of incarcerated individuals requires a comprehensive, multi-systems approach that starts at sentencing and continues in the community after release. It's essential to systematically and objectively determine needs that may cause them to reoffend and then directly match clinical and community-based resources to those needs. Courts, probation and parole, correctional facilities, medical and clinical providers and community resources must work together to create a continuum of effective programming behind the wall and in the community to ensure truly corrective services."

—Levin Schwartz, LCSW
Director, Clinical and Reentry Services, Franklin County Sheriff's Office
Franklin County, Massachusetts

This module has five sections and will take between 10 and 15 minutes to complete.

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This module also includes a list of resources to help in the process.

Download Module 8 in PDF format.

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