Module 1: Getting Started

Module 2: Leadership, Vision and Organizational Culture

Module 3: Collaborative Structure and Joint Ownership

Module 4: Data-Driven Understanding of Local Reentry

Module 5: Targeted Intervention Strategies

Module 6: Screening and Assessmentessment

Module 7: Transition Plan Development

Module 8: Targeted Transition Interventions

Module 9: Self-Evaluation and Sustainability

Module Objectives

In Module 5: Targeted Intervention Strategies, you learned about the 11 tasks outlined in the Targeted Intervention Strategies section of the TJC Implementation Roadmap and the importance of using the risk-need-responsivity model to determine the appropriate strategies to address an individual’s criminogenic factors pre- and post-release.

The purpose of this module is to identify jail and community intervention strategies based on the risks and needs of the pretrial and sentenced incarcerated population. An intervention can be as simple as providing resource packets before release, or as comprehensive as working with a case manager and community-based providers weeks or months before release and after return to the community.

In this module, you will have the opportunity to explore tasks 6 through 11 of the Targeted Intervention Strategies section of the TJC Implementation Roadmap.

Task 6. Define scope and content of jail transition interventions currently in place.

Task 7. Provide resource packets to all jail inmates upon release.

Task 8. Deliver in-jail interventions to selected inmates.

Task 9. Deliver community interventions to selected releases.

Task 10. Provide case management to selected jail entrants.

Task 11. Provide mentors to selected jail entrants.

This module has five sections:

  1. Identifying Your Present Interventions
  2. Resource Packet Development
  3. Delivering In-Jail and Community Interventions through Evidence-Based Curriculum
  4. Incentivizing Program Participation and Support
  5. Terms Used in the Field.

By the end of this module, you will be able to

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