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We constructed these categories of infrastructure funding programs using funding announcements and web materials, but we acknowledge that our categorization may not align with the labels federal agencies assign to funding programs. Every program in this tool is assigned to at least one category, and some programs are included in more than one category.


Airports includes programs that fund improvements to publicly accessible airport terminals and related facilities. We detail two programs providing airport funding in this tool.


Broadband includes programs that fund expansions to high-speed internet service, with a focus on improving access for tribal nations, rural communities, and communities with low-income residents. We detail four programs providing broadband funding in this tool.

Energy and power

Energy and power includes programs that fund the research and expansion of energy sources, such as nuclear power and natural gas. We detail two programs providing energy and power funding in this tool.


Housing includes programs that fund the construction and maintenance of affordable housing buildings as well as rent supports for people with low incomes and elderly people. We detail nine programs providing housing funding in this tool.

Passenger and freight rail

Passenger and freight rail includes programs that fund the expansion, improvement, and safety of railways, including intercity rail (generally Amtrak) and freight rail. We detail nine programs providing passenger and freight rail funding in this tool.

Roads and bridges

Roads and bridges includes programs that fund improvements in the availability, resiliency, capacity, and safety of US roads, highways, bridges, and other transportation-focused infrastructure. The federal government allows considerable flexibility in the use of these funds, so recipient jurisdictions can often choose to use them for public or active transportation projects instead. We detail 25 programs providing road and bridges funding in this tool.

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