Features : : Creating Equitable Technology Programs: A Guide for Cities
Creating Equitable Technology Programs

The table below provides more information on the policies and programs referenced in this guide. For help auditing your city’s data assets or assessing the equity of the distribution of place-based technology programs, please see the Urban Institute’s Spatial Equity Data Tool.

NameReferenced InAffiliated OrganizationsGeography NameGeography LevelTypeTopicContact
Smart City PlaybookQ1City of BostonBoston, Massachusettslocalstrategysmart cities
Resilient Boston Strategy for Racial EquityQ1City of BostonBoston, Massachusettslocalstrategyequity
Smart City PHL RoadmapQ1City of PhiladelphiaPhiladelphia, Pennsylvanialocalstrategysmart cities[email protected]
StreetCasterQ2City of BostonBoston, Massachusettslocalprogramdata analytics[email protected]
Measure AustinQ2Austin, Texaslocalpartnershipdata analytics
Robot Block PartyQ3City of BostonBoston, Massachusettslocalprogramcommunity engagement
Ladder of Stakeholder ParticipationQ3City of Philadelphia; Service Design StudioPhiladelphia, Pennsylvanialocalstrategycommunity engagement[email protected]
Inclusive Innovation SummitQ3City of PittsburghPittsburgh, Pennsylvanialocalprogramcommunity engagement[email protected]
Civic Engagement Spectrum of MethodsQ3Benton Institute for Broadband & SocietyUnited Stateslocaltoolcommunity engagement[email protected] 
Equity Consulting Advisor GroupQ3City of PortlandPortland, Oregonlocalprogramequity[email protected]
Community Engagement Research ProjectQ3City of PortlandPortland, Oregonlocalprogramcommunity engagement[email protected]
Office of Neighborhood ServicesQ3City of BostonBoston, Massachusettslocalpartnershipcommunity engagement
Mayor's Office of Civic Engagement and Volunteer ServicesQ3City of PhiladelphiaPhiladelphia, Pennsylvanialocalpartnershipcommunity engagement
Array of Things Civic Engagement ReportQ3City of ChicagoChicago, Illinoislocalreportcommunity engagement
Smart Work Learn PlayQ3Housing Authority of the City of AustinAustin, Texaslocalprogramdigital inclusion
Toward Inclusive Urban TechnologyQ3Benton Institute for Broadband & SocietyUnited Statesfederaltoolcommunity engagement[email protected] 
Pittsburgh Equity IndicatorsQ4City of PittsburghPittsburgh, Pennsylvanialocalprogramdata analytics[email protected]
Citywide Disaggregated Data StandardQ4City of AustinAustin, Texaslocalpolicydata analytics[email protected]
OnePGH Resilient Pittsburgh StrategyQ4City of PittsburghPittsburgh, Pennsylvanialocalstrategyequity[email protected]
City of Portland Privacy and Information Protection PrinciplesQ5City of PortlandPortland, Oregonlocalpolicydata privacy[email protected]
Draft Model Data Handling Policy for MunicipalitiesQ5University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Law; Legal Technology LaboratoryKansas City, Missourilocalpolicydata privacy[email protected]
Innovation Team (i-Team)Q5City of AustinAustin, Texaslocalpartnershipdata privacy
OpenNorth Open Smart Cities GuideQ5OpenNorthCanadafederalstrategysmart cities
Pittsburgh Principles for Autonomous Vehicle TechnologyQ6City of PittsburghPittsburgh, Pennsylvanialocalpolicysmart cities
Rec2TechQ6City of PittsburghPittsburgh, Pennsylvanialocalprogramdigital inclusion[email protected]
Broadband Ready Buildings QuestionnaireQ6City of BostonBoston, Massachusettslocalprogramdigital inclusion[email protected]
PayNearMeQ6City of Philadelphia; Indego Philadelphia, Pennsylvanialocalprogramequity
Autonomous Vehicles: Boston's ApproachQ6City of BostonBoston, Massachusettslocalpolicysmart cities
New York City Automated Decision Systems Task ForceQ6City of New York CityNew York City, New Yorklocalpolicysmart cities
Vermont Artificial Intelligence Task ForceQ6State of VermontVermontstatepolicysmart cities
Shadow Report of the New York City Automated Decision Systems Task ForceQ6AI Now InstituteNew York City, New Yorklocalreportsmart cities
Boston Facial Recognition Technology BanQ6City of BostonBoston, Massachusettslocalpolicydata privacy
San Francisco Facial Recognition Technology BanQ6City of San FranciscoSan Francisco, Californialocalpolicydata privacy
SNAP Online Purchasing PilotQ6US Department of AgricultureUnited Statesfederalprogramdigital inclusion
Portland Facial Recognition Technology BanQ6City of PortlandPortland, Oregonlocalpolicydata privacy
Technology Leadership CouncilQ7City of PittsburghPittsburgh, Pennsylvanialocalpolicysmart cities[email protected]
Ethical Data Working GroupQ7City of BostonBoston, Massachusettslocalprogramdata analytics[email protected]
Equity Assessment ToolQ7City of AustinAustin, Texaslocaltoolequity[email protected]
Office of Design and Delivery Equity Assessment ProtocolQ7City of AustinAustin, Texaslocaltoolequity
Equity Assessment ToolkitQ7Government Alliance on Race & EquityUnited Statesfederaltoolequity
Office of Emerging TechnologyQ8City of San FranciscoSan Francisco, Californialocalpolicysmart cities
Digital Inclusion SurveyQ9City of Austin; University of Texas at Austin Moody College of CommunicationAustin, Texaslocalpartnershipdigital inclusion
Metro21: Smart Cities InstituteQ9Carnegie Mellon University; City of PittsburghPittsburgh, Pennsylvanialocalpartnershipresearch & development
Tech Goes HomeQ9Boston, Massachusettslocalpartnershipdigital inclusion
Digital Equity Act of 2019Q9US Senator Patty Murray (WA)United Statesfederalpolicydigital inclusion
5G Permitting StrategyQ9City of Los AngelesLos Angeles, Californialocalstrategydigital inclusion
Closing the Digital DivideQ9Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas - San Antonio BranchSan Antonio, Texaslocalreportdigital inclusion
KC Digital DriveQ9Kansas City, Missourilocalpartnershipdigital inclusion
Smart City PDX Priorities FrameworkQ1Q4Q7City of PortlandPortland, Oregonlocalstrategysmart cities[email protected]
Emerging Technology BoardQ1Q8City of Kansas CityKansas City, Missourilocalpolicysmart cities[email protected]>
Beta Blocks Action ResearchQ2Q3City of BostonBoston, Massachusettslocalprogramresearch & development
Spatial Equity Data ToolQ2Q4Urban InstituteUnited Stateslocaltooldata analytics[email protected]
PGH LabQ2Q9City of PittsburghPittsburgh, Pennsylvanialocalprogramresearch & development[email protected]
Pitch & Pilot ProgramQ2Q9City of PhiladelphiaPhiladelphia, Pennsylvanialocalprogramresearch & development[email protected]
Community Control Over Police SurveillanceQ5Q6ACLUUnited Statesfederalpolicydata privacy
Legal Technology LabQ5Q9University of Missouri-Kansas City School of LawKansas City, Missourilocalpartnershipdata privacy[email protected]
Emerging Technology Open Working GroupQ7Q8City of San FranciscoSan Francisco, Californialocalpolicysmart cities