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National Highway Performance Program

Funding source: IIJA

Department: Department of Transportation

This program offers states funding to support the condition, performance, and resiliency of the National Highway System. The money can go toward highway and bridge projects on the National Highway System, such as maintenance, construction, and disaster-mitigation activities, as well as some bridge projects on non-National Highway System Federal-aid highways.

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Where Is Funding Distributed?

Funding amount per 1,000 residents


Compare funding distributed by state

Notes: X-axis of chart is scaled logarithmically




How equitably were funds distributed?

To explore how programs are distributing funding compared with relevant indicators of community characteristics, we developed three equity measures:

Concentration measure
How much of a program’s funding is distributed to jurisdictions with the greatest share of a selected community characteristic. Scores range from −1 to 3.

High-need equity measure
How close, on median, high-need jurisdictions are to receiving a level of funding that would meet their need, as indicated by its value for a specific community characteristic (e.g., share of residents of color). High-need jurisdictions are those above the top 50th percentile for the given community characteristic. Scores range from −1 to 1.

Variability measure
How evenly a program’s funding is distributed across the country. We only display this score, which starts at 0, for state-level, formula-funded programs.

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Concentration measure


indicator Equity score
Share of population who are people of color visualization of equity score


Poverty rate visualization of equity score


Median household income visualization of equity score


Population density visualization of equity score


Annual vehicle miles per household visualization of equity score


Miles of highway visualization of equity score


Fatal accident frequency visualization of equity score


Transportation staff capacity visualization of equity score


Car access per household visualization of equity score


Person trips per household visualization of equity score


How Is Funding Distributed by Community Characteristic?

For each program, we’ve analyzed how funding is distributed along different community characteristics. For counties, we show these distributions of funding by quintiles, and for states, we show these distributions by quartiles.

Share of population who are people of color

Funding is on average similar for states with a higher share of population who are people of color than for states with a lower share of population who are people of color compared with the national average.

Average program funding per 1,000 residents

$0 $20,000 $40,000 $60,000 $80,000 $100,000 $120,000 $140,000 $160,000 $180,000 0.0%-21.1% 21.1%-30.9% 30.9%-43.9% 43.9%+

Share of population who are people of color by state

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