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Beyond Education Outcomes

Where are students given the tools to succeed in school?

January 27, 2022

Student success is typically measured through outcomes, such as test scores and graduation rates. But those measures often overlook the inputs—including access to experienced teachers, counselors, and other resources—that helped create those outcomes.

The legacy of explicit school segregation and present-day discriminatory practices mean many students of color are left without equitable access to the resources needed for a robust education. By understanding the extent of these inequities in students’ learning environments, policymakers can address these disparities and expand students’ educational opportunities.

This tool displays the share of students from different racial and ethnic backgrounds who attend schools that have access to some of the resources evidence shows are beneficial for learning: experienced teachers, Advanced Placement (AP) classes, and school counselors. Below, select two racial or ethnic groups to compare access to opportunity for different groups of students and how it varies by state and by school district.

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