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Welcome! Use this tool to design retirement plans for state and local government employees. Experiment with parameters to see the plan cost, benefit distribution and score on Urban's pension report card vary as the rules change.


Plan Type
Select Preferred Plan:

A final average salary plan provides members with a lifetime pension that pays annual benefits equal to some portion of final average salary multiplied by completed years of service.

A cash balance plan specifies retirement benefits as an account balance that employees receive when they separate. Employers and employees both contribute each year to these accounts, which earn investment returns. Returns depend on market performance, but the plan may set minimum and maximum returns. Members may receive their account balance as a lump sum or lifetime annuity.

Social Security Coverage:
Choose whether the employer provides Social Security coverage to plan members.
Plan Settings
Other Assumptions
Salary Merit:
This is the assumed annual merit-based increase in salary, by year of service. Salaries also grow by the inflation rate and any additional increases, as set by the Add. Salary Growth parameter.


Expected Cost to Employer per Member Lifetime
Plan Report Card